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Retrouvez la nouvelle version du Site web de la Fondation Nouvelle Création JAH, encore plus dynamique et plus évolutive que jamais...Merci de nous donner votre avis à propos en participant au sondage....Seanthi 

Ajourd'hui, nous sommes le 15-12-2017
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Welcome to the New Creation Foundation /JAH website Version imprimable Suggérer par mail

 Welcome to the New Creation Foundation /JAH website



We hope to establish a network of kinship, solidarity, dialogue and correspondence.

In each of us, JAH has put some of his light…… Africa Unite ! Let us unite for the rightful happiness of children.

Together we can build a prosperous Africa as an outstanding example of ecology, knowledge and sharing…. JAH’s new creation.

Send us your suggestions, advice and contributions. One Love.


You will discover our achievements on this site, such as:

* our curriculum for “EcoloJAH” (JAHSchool), the primary school that incorporates the organic agricultural Endogenius Garden of Fraternity; and the children’s centre of awakening, liveliness and stimulation (CEVASTE)

* the Diasporafrica radio programme.

* the PanAfrican Cultural Embassy of the Diaspora and JAH People, our welcome facility with news and information on African Repatriation

* our workshop of Edenic arts and crafts

* our organic garden produce and medicinal plants  

* our nutritional health area; the Régal Végétalrestaurant and shop

* as well as reports on seminars, conferences, and events having to do with the progress of the people of JAH Rastafari and the Pan-Africanist movement—all with an extensive photo album.

WADADAJAH! ASANTEJAH! Peace, Joy, Love and Harmony! To the Sanctity, JAH calls us!

Unity is priority, as are the words of His Imperial Majesty, HAILE SELASSIE I.



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